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Organization Development and Design

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Mon, 03 Jun 2013 19:56:39 +0000

Organization Development and Design serves a wide range of industries including the health care, manufacturing, financial, and utilities industries. To learn how we can help your business,Call us at: 612.922.7839      

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Organization Development and Design

Helping Leaders Implement Change

Organization Development and Design serves a wide range of industries including the health care, manufacturing, financial, and utilities industries. To learn how we can help your business, Call us at: 612.922.7839


Change Management

Change Management

We provide change management resources for organizations grappling with change to assess their current performance, gain commitment to a common vision, and execute their strategies.


Talent Management

Talent Management

The performance management consultants at Organization Development & Design help you identify organization competencies and skills required for future success.


Alliances & Partnerships

Alliances & Partnerships

Vital to success in today's marketplace, successful partnerships require deliberate efforts to build the trust that is critical to making them work.

Organization Development, Strategic Planning and Change Management Consultants in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Who we are:

Organization Development and Design has a 30 year history helping leaders at all levels successfully implement organization change strategies, create strategic plans, build business-to-business partnerships and develop talent across Fortune 500 companies, midsize businesses and start up organizations.

What we do:

We help organizations assess business issues, get agreement on strategic priorities, identify and manage the changes needed to improve performance and strengthen competitive position.

Our approach has been used successfully across industries to:

  • Assess organization development needs   
  • Build strategic plans and business partnerships
  • Launch major initiatives and manage change
  • Implement learning and development programs
  • Measure progress and results

How we support leaders

Today, leaders must manage complex business issue, promote innovation, develop and retain talent as they manage operations and deliver business results. 

To juggle this level of complexity organizations must collaborate and work together to create success. Governance, communications, measurement, training and rewards are components of a whole system, not standalone activities. Success measures and behavior change are defined up front.

Organization Development and Design has a solid history of getting measurable business results by coaching leaders, aligning strategies, changing behavior and developing an organization's key capabilities. 

Consulting project examples outlined below reflect our knowledge and understanding about organization development, organization behavior supported by our experience managing and facilitating change to improve organization effectiveness.


Examples of our work:





A key retail marketing organization wanted to make its internal sales and marketing processes simple (to improve quality of work life) and scalable (to enable growth).  Managed a project team to analyze business processes and to recommend changes for enhanced clarity, consistency and simplicity in business planning and reporting.  Project included change management initiative to integrate the new approaches into the rhythm of the business, increasing employee job satisfaction.



A consortium of utilities (CapX 2020) wanted to develop and execute a regional plan for new high voltage transmission systems.  The partners desired a flexible, low overhead organization that could perform at maximum efficiency with a minimum of paperwork and legal agreements.  We partnered with CapX2020 to assess work processes and decision making effectiveness.  Over a period of 18 months, we worked closely with initiative leadership, assessing the consortium’s needs, making recommendations on governance, roles and responsibilities, information sharing, and project management, designing and facilitating kick-off conferences, and providing troubleshooting services.



Domestic marketing organization was implementing a framework to work together with its partners to move their businesses forward and evolve their business model from one based on hardware, to one based on value.  We designed and facilitated meetings at channel partner conferences to formulate joint “solution initiatives” with key partners to create cohesive go to market programs.  Conferences were designed with input from the leadership team and meetings were facilitated with representative partners across channel partner segments to successfully move the business forward through a redefined relationship and mutual accountability.


Xcel Energy logo

Xcel Energy was investing in automating and standardizing project management and control processes.  Worked with the internal champions to develop a change management plan to support the introduction of new productivity tools and skills in project management across Xcel’s divisions in Texas, Colorado, and Minnesota.